KYST 51 – from Fredensborg to Rønne Harbour, South, 21.12.18

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See here for an introduction to the KYST project

KYST 51 The day was mild, with little wind and a thick blanket of cloud. Abominable news concerning a very beloved friend and colleague occupied every atom of space and every moment of time. The simple act of looking and drawing – of being consumed by the purity and beauty of the landscape – was the only appropriate action.


Some recent visitors to the beach had written or incised their names into the intricate layers of sand and clay sediments exposed on the coastal slope.


From the beach I walked up to the campsite, where I knew I could find roosting long-eared owls. For many generations, Bornholm’s long-eared owls had, for whatever reason, chosen one or two trees in the campsite to spend their daytime roost. Their presence betrayed by a smattering of pellets and droppings, the owls were nevertheless difficult to spot within the thick boughs of the pine tree. I found one eventually and got to work.


Despite remaining stationary, the regular passing of dog walkers meant the owl constantly moved his head.


A local birdwatcher who visits the owls on a daily basis, confirmed there were no less than nine hidden within the tree.


I could have spent many more hours with the owls, but I felt that I needed to return to the coast. From a spot high on the cliffs, I painted the immense sweep of the new harbour arm, still under construction. When I had begun the KYST project 51 weeks ago the arm had not existed.


It was the shortest day of the year, and time had flashed by. I walked quickly through the southern end of the harbour, trying unsuccessfully to get close to the water’s edge. Suddenly the day was over and I rattled of a lightning sketch of the industrial hinterland as I sat nestled between piles of aggregates, twisted metal and wood, with my boots mired in muddy tyre tracks.



Weather report = Cloudy all day. Temperature between 4°C and 6°C. Wind between  4 and 6 m/s from the southeast. Hours of sunshine: 0 hours.

Lessons learned – there are a lot of people walking their dogs around Galløkken

Stops with the M60 = 2

Kilometers walked = 4.68 km

Day lasted = 7 hours, 2 minutes

Birds seen and heard = 22 species (1 new one. Long eared owl = running total 139)

Other stuff = Lots of people came and talked to me today, many of whom were followers of the KYST project. I find it so amazing and humbling to think my work is affecting people in such a positive way, and their positivity really added meaning to my day, my thoughts and my mood.

People talked to = 12 (singles and doubles, and lots of dogs)

In my head – My friend. Strength, courage and the faintest, faintest glimmer of hope. To know what to hope for.