Recent Works 

This is the gallery where I have uploaded my most recent stuff, regardless of theme or medium. You can also go to the News/Blog to see examples of works in progress and stuff from my sketchbook.

09.2012 253lores

Living Birds

Paintings and drawings of living birds are either done directly in the field – usually with the aid of a telescope – or more developed compositions based on filed sketches and worked up in the studio.

01.wing croppedloresDead Birds

The dead bird paintings were originally intended to improve my understanding of bird plumage. With time, however, they have evolved into something quite different. All are dead birds that I have found or have been given to me, and are painted in the studio, usually in the winter when it is cold, over a period of a few days.

001 compositeview.small

Adventures in Time and Space

I am particularly interested in changes in the landscape through time and space, and I’ve made a number of studies of various places – sometimes over a period of minutes or hours, and sometimes over a year. Here I have included some paintings from the 2018 KYST Project



Limited Edition Prints

As well as watercolours, I make small editions of lino-cut prints, where I usually use one plate and several colours.


udeafbalance composite small

Illustrations and Other Stuff

This is a random gallery with examples of some of the illustration and design work I have done, as well as some installations using the ‘anamorphic perspective’ technique.

Through a Year, 15th of September


A gallery with links to Youtube films that I have uploaded