Earthbound – progress report

year.detail.lores‘Earthbound’ the exhibition is opening in about four weeks (Thursday the 5th of May, Gudhjem Museum, Bornholm) and I am busy working on the paintings I will be exhibiting. I will be showing ‘time-based’ work, where I am looking at changes (in light, colour, form, vegetation, etc) at specific locations on Bornholm through time (minutes, hours, weeks, months, the year).

All my work for this exhibition is either painted out ‘in the field’ or based on sketches I have done in the field. A side ‘theme’ to my work in ‘Earthbound’ is looking into the process of creating ‘finished works’ from sketches – so some of the finished pictures I will be showing are paintings of paintings of paintings, a sort of ‘chinese whispers’ that means that more personal subjectivity is added with each ‘layer’. solsticesketches.loSo while some of my paintings will be immediate (for instance sketches of a preening gull done every five minutes for half an hour) others will be more ‘processed’. This whole area really fascinates me and underpins everything I do… observation, interpretation…

solstices.loMy main source of inspiration has been the view from my studio – a field, some trees and a band of trees a little further away. For once, there will be very few birds in this exhibition – at least from me… Lone Schiøtz will be exhibiting some of her wonderful birds. Barbara Sørensen, Eva Brandt and Hans Henning Pedersen make up the rest of the ‘Earthbound’ artists, all of whom take their inspiration from Bornholm’s natural environment in one way or another.

I’m really looking forward to this one… more pictures and an exhibition report to follow…rapessed.lo