Eva Brandt 3 big stoneware pots 'Yellow Fossil', 'White Fossil' and 'Greygreen Rock' about 40 cm tall, coiled, fired in electric kiln 2011
Eva Brandt
Barbara Sørensen

I’m in the process of trying to get funding to take an exhibition of five artists working on Bornholm (including me) to exhibit at the Oxmarket Gallery in Chichester. The exhibition is called ‘Earthbound’ as we all take our primary inspiration from the natural environment of Bornholm. What with transport, insurance, lodging and so on, it’s quite an ambitous undertaking, but I am really excited at the thought of showing off Bornholm art to a wider audience.

Hannover Turn Around 003
Hans Henning Pedersen
And 2
Lone Schiøtz Nielsen

The artists are – me, Barbara Sørensen (mostly oils), Eva Brandt (ceramics), Hans Henning Pedersen (wooden vessels) and Lone Schiøtz Nielsen (watercolours and prints). Three rejections already, but my fingers are crossed – I really hope we get some support for this as I’m convinced this will be a Good Thing.