Ten Days on Christiansø

DSCF7039I had the most amazing 10 days on Christiansø, also known as Ertholmerne –  the tiny group of islands off Bornholm, where I had an exhibition in the minute Palivaren Gallery. I had been to Christiansø several times before, but only on day trips, so I jumped at the chance to stay there a bit longer and get to know the place  a little. No cars, no animals (apart form birds and amphibians), incredible organic granite architecture and some fantastic and eccentric people. I really fell for the place.DSCF7038

One of the things that really interested me, especially as I had just been at Bass Rock with 60,000 breeding gannets, was ‘Suleima‘, Christiansø’s famous solitary gannet. It first arrive in 2011 or 2012, and has been there ever since. Thousands of miles from any other gannets, it must’ve been blown off course during a storm. It sits rights in the harbour and is a most obliging model. I got carried away telling the story to my kids, and I’m thinking I might make some sort of illustrated story about it.DSCF7040

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